Workforce Development

Core Skills and Vocational Qualifications workforce development

Development opportunities for Adult Services staff

Core Skills Courses:

Following consultation and liaison with Adult Services staff and managers, support for workforce development may be commissioned from a variety of sources. The in-house learning and development delivery team focus on core work-based skills through activities that include; course delivery, facilitation, individual support, consultation and professional advice.

To see what courses are available for Adult Services please use the link below which will take you to the Learning Zone.

Vocational Qualifications:

The main focus for vocational qualifications is to ensure that provider services meet the qualification targets set out by CQC and Skills for Care.

Manager’s cannot book staff onto a vocational qualification programme via the Learning Zone, as all nominations should be linked to an individual performance plan and take into consideration the needs of the Service. Qualifications offered range from a Level 2 in Care to a Level 5 in Management.

To find out more about vocational qualifications please contact The Workforce Development Team on 01962 832036

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