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Positive behaviour support

Positive behaviour support represents an effective way of supporting people who may challenge the services who provide them support. It’s person centred approach, proactive interventions and the teaching of alternative skills can achieve long term effects

To find out more about Positive behaviour support. This document has been produced by the team as a guide

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Who is this course aimed at?

This is a statutory course for all Adult Services staff who support and work with people with a learning disability


PROACT SCIP rUK® is a whole approach to working with adults with a learning disability. It follows the positive behaviour support model and it’s focus is on proactive methods to avoid triggers that may lead to a person to present behavioural challenges to get their needs met.

It aims to support staff to identify triggers and recognise early behavioural indicators, so that non-physical interventions can be used to prevent a crisis from occurring. It’s aim is to enhance a person’s quality of life and give people the skills to communicate their own needs, rather than present with a behavioural challenge.

This is done through a functional assessment to determine the function or cause of the behavioural challenge.

PROACT SCIP rUK® also provides methods in responding to a person when they are in crisis, through, diffusion, verbal and non-verbal calming techniques and as a last resort, physical interventions to keep people safe.

Course Information

Courses available are a three day foundation course for all staff who work in the learning disability service and is mandatory. This is refreshed on an annual basis through a one day refresher course.

PROACT SCIP rUK® is a BILD accredited training package and is a registered trademark of The Lodden School, Basingstoke.


Behavioural Challenges Awareness for Care Managers

Who is this course aimed at?

This course is mandatory for all Care managers who work in LD Integrated teams

This one day course focuses on the principles of positive behaviour support and identifying the key elements in behaviour support plans and risk assessments for people who may challenge services, to support effective commissioning of services for an individual to understand the principles of positive behavioural support and restrictive physical interventions when working with and commissioning services for individuals whose behaviour may challenge.

Course Information

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Positive Behavioural Support Level 2

Who is this course aimed at?

This course is aimed at Senior or identified staff in the Learning Disability Sector who have attended the PROACT SCIP rUK® course and would benefit from developing further skills to support individuals who challenge services.

Course Information

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Additional Support

We also support individual units in reviewing or developing behaviour support plans in line with the positive behaviour support model and as part of a multidisciplinary team approach. This may involve training in additional physical interventions to support individuals on a person specific basis.

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