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Train the trainer manual

We have developed a train the trainer manual in conjunction with Catherine-Ann Milford of Pure Training and Consultancy.

The manual is designed to give new trainers advice in all aspects of training - from design and delivery to evaluation. It contains explanations of common techniques and theories about training and adult learning, as well as tips on how to engage your audience. Questionnaires about learning styles and advice on training, coaching and facilitating are all included.


Help with the fundamentals

The following websites may be of help:


Need help developing interesting training sessions?

Effective training relies on engaging your audience and making the content relevant and interesting. There are many resources out there to help you understand key concepts and make training more enjoyable.

Business Balls is a useful site for trainers to gain knowledge and obtain resources like ice breaker exercises, motivational posters and training exercises. This website is for training in general and not specific to social care.


PaCT subject specific support pages

We have several support pages dedicated to specific subjects, including medicines and personalisation.

These are designed to help you up-date your knowledge on each of your specialist subjects by directing you to the most reliable sources of information as well as highlighting key developments and important changes that might effect the information you provide in training.

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