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Your career in Social Work - Adult Services for HCC

Social Care services for adults in Hampshire  were given a top rating by the Government’s independent watchdog for the second year in a row and praised the Department’s approach to engaging with people, working to improve performance, and early intervention and prevention work.

This achievement, and our work to continually improve our services, makes Hampshire Adult Services an exciting place to work. We are at the beginning of a time of great change for adult social care with much more emphasis being placed on services that meet the needs of individuals rather than fitting the individual to the service.

We recognise that to make such changes and deliver personalised outcomes, we must continue to invest in our staff and give them the tools necessary to implement such changes.

Hampshire County Council is committed to providing high quality services through a “competent and confident” workforce. A wide range of learning and development opportunities are available to support best practice and performance development objectives. These include, short training courses, qualification programmes and online learning. The role of the social worker will change to one which shifts from a focus on assessment and management of resources to a role with a greater emphasis on support planning and outcomes.  All staff will be engaged and supported through the change process and offered training to ensure that users and carers are involved with all aspects of their care.

Support functions within the services play a key role in assisting our operational workforce  and we will develop a training and organisational change programme to promote and embed this new culture.

It is crucial that we invest in our workforce and we know that some of the changes won’t be easy. But this is the start of a very exciting time in the transformation of social care and along with our Departmental Management Team, our Executive member and our corporate colleagues, we will work with all staff to deliver improved outcomes for people living in Hampshire.

Gill Duncan, Director of Adult Services

Gill Duncan