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Overview of Social Work in Adults Services and Children's Services

Social work in Hampshire Adult and Children’s Services is a highly respected and valued activity which seeks to promote the best outcomes for service users.

  • The majority of social work students placed with Hampshire Adult and Children’s Services choose to apply for posts within the team that provided the placement.

  • If you are a mature person considering social work as a career but cannot commit to a full time social work degree course there are employment based routes available which may just suit your needs.

  • Social workers coming to Hampshire can expect a high level of commitment towards their learning and development starting with an initial consolidation of skills followed by a clear progression into the GSCC post qualifying framework.

  • Your initial practice base will be strengthened and consolidated through regular access to skills training to meet the Children's Workforce Development Council induction standards and common core of knowledge and skills standards.  (Just click the link to see the range of courses available).

  • Development pathways have been established for social workers linked to the GSCC post qualifying framework that values practice based skill development.

  • Social workers will receive professional recognition and support to help maintain GSCC PRTL requirements in a flexible supportive environment.

  • A reflective approach to supervision is encouraged to enable social workers to critically analyse their work in a meaningful way whilst providing restorative space to talk about the impact of the work.

  • The complex nature of social work is appreciated and social workers can expect to be fully supported by their manager and team colleagues, with regular supervision given a high priority.

  • Hampshire County Council has a strong tradition in promoting work based learning and if, as an experienced social worker, you wish to remain in practice you can become a practice educator and enable others to learn.

  • Whatever your role and function is as a social worker there are no closed doors to furthering your professional development with a creative mix of learning opportunities being provided. There is opportunity for attending post qualifying research based forums and opportunities for contributing to teaching at local universities.

The ABC of Professional Social Work Development

From the point of being an Aspiring social worker, to Becoming a qualified registered social worker and then providing a full commitment to Continuous professional development Hampshire Adult and Children’s Services will support your endeavours.

  • Aspiring social workers can apply for employment based routes to the social work qualification after two years working in a social care position. Competition for places is demanding but every effort is made to support aspiring staff through the process. A great opportunity for part time study with full access to the best “in house” library facility to support your academic studies.

  • Becoming qualified means meeting the professional requirements for social work training. It means extending your professional boundaries, practice competence and analytical skills. It means being “fit for practice” and accepting professional responsibility for your own learning.

  • As a Newly Qualified Social Worker (NQSW) you will hold a special status and be entitled to a protected caseload, enhanced supervision and have access to an extensive taught programme to meet Children's Workforce Development Council objectives.

  • Your professionalism will be valued with dedicated support being provided by an experienced Professional Development Team providing consultation, teaching and mentoring to assist with your career development.

  • Individual learning and development opportunities will be identified as part of a structured induction programme to help you build confidence and resilience.

  • Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is provided for all social workers to support GSCC re-registration requirements. There are two key routes to CPD – certification within the Post Qualifying Social Work Framework and broader activities linked to the spirit of CPD.

Learning and development provides the golden thread that supports your endeavours as a social worker backed by reflective supervision that seeks to go beyond case management. As a social worker in Hampshire Adult and Children’s Services you will be able to access the best professional development opportunities available with contributions from nationally recognised experts from social work practice and research backgrounds.