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Your career in Social Work – Children's Services for HCC

Hampshire is an excellent County Council and has been assessed to be improving strongly. We have consistently been rated as "good" with outstanding features across the board for our Children's Services, and we aim to improve this rating further still.

We know that, in order to achieve further improvements, we must support and work with our social workers. We offer an excellent induction programme for qualified staff, and a high level of commitment to ongoing training and development.

Staff have been closely involved in designing a structure for the service that will allow referral to be followed up with quality assessments, and a specialist approach to be taken to children in need and children and young people in care.

Hampshire is feeling many of the benefits of integrated services with close support available to the social work teams from multi agency locality teams, behaviour support, educational psychology and youth services.  We believe we can progress integration still further in the future with the support of our workforce. We are successful in increasing our recruitment of foster carers, and we are improving the choice available for children who cannot live with their families.

It is understood here that social work is not an easy role, but is one of the most important jobs in the County Council. The Council’s commitment to Children's Services is strong. The Leader, Cabinet and Members of all political parties have had a strong commitment to support and develop this service over many years.

The County Council, Members and the Departmental Management Team will work with you to deliver improved services for some of the most vulnerable groups in our county.

The County Council is a great place to work and Hampshire is a great place to live.

John Coughlan CBE, Director of Children's Services

john coughlan