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Working with Children, Families and Young People

About half of social workers are involved in some way with supporting children, families and young people.  You may make regular visits to families, or set up a support group for parents.  Or you might be working in a children's home, or managing the processes of foster care or adoption.

Here's a brief guide to the different areas of work:

Residential Child Care

Although every effort is made to keep families together, sometimes children need to move into residential homes.  We provide a range of specialist children's homes to meet the needs of children and young people for whom residential care is the positive choice.

Children and young people who are looked after in our children's homes are kept safe, healthy, out of trouble, supported to achieve their potential at school and prepared as they grow towards adulthood.

Fostering Service

The role of a Social Worker in the fostering service is to recruit and assess foster carers to ensure that most Children Looked After can be cared for in families.  They will identify appropriate placements that best match the needs of the child to the homes that the fostering service can provide and support children to reach their full potential.

Field work with families

Where parents are struggling to cope with their children and where children are in danger from their own behaviour and that of others, Social Workers combined with other professionals, help parents to improve their relationships with their children.

Field work with young people

We aim to ensure all young people reach their full potential.  Our Services for Young People enables Youth workers and Connexions Consortia Personal Advisor’s to work closely together to target vulnerable groups and individuals as well as delivering Information Advise and Guidance and open access youth work.

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