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Our Corporate Priorities

Hampshire County Council is a top performing authority, rated as 'four star' through the CPA process by government. Our ambition is to keep it that way, while we continually improve our performance in the interests of the communities we serve.

Looking after Hampshire, our job is to ensure the county is safe and secure and to work towards enhancing the County's quality of place. Looking out for our residents, we want to work with them to feel safe and secure and maximise their wellbeing. Our aim is to lead and work in partnership with other organisations to remove barriers and improve choices whilst encouraging people to make their own decisions on the way they access services

Our priorities are:

  • Hampshire safer and more secure for all

  • Maximising wellbeing

  • Enhancing our quality of place

These three priorities are designed to reflect the political vision and direction of our publicly elected councillors and give a clear statement of what the Hampshire community can expect in terms of service delivery and the focus of our work as a local authority