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Our corporate priorities

Hampshire safer and more secure for all

This is our top priority and is about developing and supporting stronger, safer communities for all by protecting vulnerable people, maximising safety in the places we live, helping young people to live positive lives and helping diverse communities to feel secure.

Although most people do feel safe in Hampshire, there are some groups of vulnerable people such as older people or those with learning disabilities, who may need additional support to live their lives, in the way they want to live, safely and securely.

Maximising safety in the places we live involves planning and building facilities that physically make Hampshire a safer place to be.

Helping young people live positive lives means providing the best start possible through our education system as well as providing other opportunities for young people to get the most out of their lives and to help them make positive choices for the future.

In helping communities to feel secure and in promoting good community relations, one of our most recent examples has been through being the first authority in the UK to introduce Accredited Community Safety Officers (ACSOs).