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Our corporate priorities

Enhancing our quality of place

This priority is all about making the county a good place to be by protecting local distinctiveness and diversity, ensuring excellent facilities, respecting Hampshire's heritage and planning proactively for the future.

Having a distinct and diverse landscape and attractive towns and villages is what makes Hampshire a beautiful and interesting place to work, live and visit. Schemes such as the Market Towns Project are working with local residents to help them get involved and have their say on the future of their own communities.

We play a big role in protecting and conserving our heritage by providing excellent facilities such as our country parks and museums and supporting nature reserves, wildlife and historic places. Accessibility schemes ensure these places are available to all, including those less mobile and in wheelchairs.

By looking ahead and planning for the future, we can be sure Hampshire remains as good a place to work, live and visit in the future. We want to ensure Hampshire continues to prosper without risking our environment. For example, we are currently working to help schools recycle more, cut energy and water consumption and source food from healthy, local sources. Not only is this of benefit to the schools but it helps get the message across to residents of all ages, both children and parents that when it comes to protecting the environment, Hampshire means business.

Through our involvement in the South East Plan, we are seeking to ensure we have the housing we need, in the right place with the right level of investment in infrastructure such as water, waste and roads