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Keeper of Military and Camera Collections


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My name is Bill and I work for the Hampshire Museums service as a Keeper of Military and Camera collections.  

I started working as a volunteer in 1991, doing basically mucky jobs, cleaning up objects and collections, and lots and lots of photocopying - because that is what volunteers are for!   Then I started working for a couple of days a week, when they had the money, on special projects.  

This I did for a number of years and I eventually worked my way up to the Collections Management Assistant (full time), and recently made up to Keeper of Cameras and Military History, because those are my specializations.

In 1999 I started working on the Milestones museum in Basingstoke, I did a lot of work on that and the 1930s Camera Shop is all my own work, using my camera collection as it was then on the display.

In 2003 I went to Australia as a part of the Winston Churchill fellowship to look at disabled access in museums and galleries, to see how well the Australians were doing since their DDA came out in about 1994/5.  I went over because our DDA Service provision was due to be introduced in 2004. I found out in the end that we were doing far better than we thought we were - which was good!

I found as I was doing this research for Milestones at the Records Office, in 1998/99, I was trying to work on the microfiche machines, trying to look at documentation and I did find it was quite difficult, so I decided to talk to Access to Work to see if they could give me some assistance.  They did a review through RNIB who reported back to Access to Work to tell them what I needed.

I got some specialist equipment including this audible spirit level and a talking tape measure and I have got an Access to Work helper for 16 hours per week assisting me with driving me around Hampshire to visit places and with documentation, giving assistance with reading.