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Corporate Information Services Manager, Chief Executives Department


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I'm Gordon, Corporate Information Services Manager with Chief Executives department in Hampshire County Council.  

I am from South Africa, the province that is the home of the Zulu, the greatest part of the Indian population in South Africa is in that province, so it is very diverse.

I was helped when I moved by an English friend who said that I should be careful to manage my expectations, just because I spoke the same language as the people over here wouldn't mean that I would necessarily be understood, which I found to be very helpful.  

I found that generally the South African people seem to be quite driven and are not too shy to give their opinions so I had to learn to be a bit more sensitive and more patient, so, on the whole it has been very challenging for us.  

I ended up doing all sorts of things. I was working doing labour jobs, it was a very humbling experience but a good one.   

I would say that my first interview was the first week after my family arrived and it was with HCC to work as a procurement manager for the SHRT project, which was for the tram between Fareham, via Gosport and under the harbour through to Portsmouth.  Then the decision was made not to carry on with that and I found myself in the position where I needed to find something else.  

The position I am in now came up which is in an area of customer service, the area of managing people, information but not technology.  

So again it has been a good learning curve but I have found that coming from South Africa where we had to learn so much and so fast to deal with the change and transition and what was perceived then as very threatening situations, I have found that I have developed a capacity to deal with change and I am finding that it is actually helping me, especially now with so much going on in the County Council.