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Social Worker, Care Manager


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My name is Graham and I am a Social Worker Care Manager, I work in Havant with the Learning Disability Team.  

I left school with 9 CSEs, which are probably worth very little now, but I had a high grade in Mathematics, which was a surprise, but I had always struggled with English and any written form.

I got a part-time job in a local stationary shop where the son of a lady who worked there used to come in at the end of the day, he had a learning disability.  He sat at the back of the shop waiting for his mum and I used to talk to him and give him various tasks that I was doing.

It was his mother who recognized that I got on very well with him and then highlighted that perhaps that working with learning disabilities would be ideal work for me.  She gave me the telephone number and that was the direction I went.

I moved from working in East Sussex over to Hampshire.  I worked in Day Services and I was given the opportunity to become a Care Manager.  Whilst working as a Care Manager it was identified by my manager that I had a problem with literacy, however, I was lucky enough to get on to the Diploma in Social Work Course (now a degree course) and having done 3 weeks at university they identified that I had dyslexia.

My father actually gave me a computer programme which runs on IT and does audio typing and has made life considerably easier because it spelled things correctly - not always the words I wanted but it spelled them correctly!  

I have contacted Access to Work who will come and assess my needs and will hopefully offer me the suitable equipment I need to manage the work that I do.

I do feel under the spotlight when it comes to spelling, writing and reading occasionally.  It affects people differently.  

For me I think the use of IT equipment is beneficial and now that we are using a predominantly IT based systems there is little written work that needs to be done, you can use a spell checker or even the audio typing.