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Jane - County Councillor


My name is Jane Frankum and I am a County Councillor and I represent Basingstoke North.  I represent people on issues such as health, education, housing - there is a myriad of things that we do.

I was a Borough Councillor and I had an accident at work which affected my walking ability and my mobility.  Since then I have had a hearing impairment.  But I still wanted to work in the community.

So I looked around at the options of what I would really like to do and decided to try to be elected for my division in the County.  

I was now fast becoming disabled and I had to think if there were issues around that.  The main thing I worried about was would I be embarrassed in having to ask for help from officers and colleagues.  

I really didn't need to worry, they were absolutely excellent, and any problem that I have had we have always been able to overcome.  

It has meant that I have had to learn how to plan to go by transport. How to think ahead if there are going to be stairs or whatever, so it has helped not only me but to put myself in the place of other people who are also disabled.

My message to people in my situation is:  just because you have got a disability it shouldn't stop you from doing anything at all.  

Come and be a Councillor; work for Hampshire County Council; it’s a great place to work and you would be welcomed.