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Conditional v’s Firm (Unconditional) Offer

If you have been successful at interview and offered a role it will be offered to you on a conditional basis.

This means that the offer is not ‘firm’ until the pre-employment checks have been completed, and can be retracted should we not received satisfactory references.

Once you have been made a conditional offer, you will be sent a formal letter outlining your conditional offer and the outstanding pre-employment checks that are required, and a draft copy of your Statement of Particulars which outlines the terms on which the offer has been made.

The Human Resources Department will then commence the range of pre-employment checks as outlined in your conditional offer letter which could include:

This process can take a varying amount of time dependent on how quickly we receive back the information we require back from yourselves and how quickly we receive the information back from the from the various people we send it to (i.e. your references)

In relation to the reference process, you can help speed up the process by letting your references know that you have been offered the role and that they will shortly be contacted for a reference, and ask whether they would return the information as quickly as possible to Hampshire County Council.