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Travel Support and Discounts

Employees of Hampshire County Council are able to access a range of travel discounts.

Employee Loans for Season Tickets

County Council staff may be eligible to apply for interest free loans to purchase public transport season tickets and cycle equipment. An interest free loan enables you to break down the cost into 12 monthly repayments which are deducted by payroll.

South West Trains Offer

Staff based in Winchester, Havant, Fareham, Eastleigh and Basingstoke are entitled to 20% discount off the cost of an annual rail season ticket. Season ticket holders are also entitled to a range of other benefits (including for family and friends) with the Gold Service.

Stagecoach Season Ticket Offer

Winchester based staff can access discounted bus travel in any part of the Hampshire, Wiltshire, Sussex, Surrey, Kent, Devon and South Wales networks (but not London) operated by Stagecoach by using the "Megarider Gold" season ticket scheme.  This costs £515 for a year and includes a discount of 25% over the standard price.

Stagecoach also offers the "Winchester Megarider" season ticket, which enables travel within and around the Winchester district at a cost of £285 inclusive of a 25% discount.

Cycling Discounts

A range of discounts with Hargroves Cycles, Cycleworld Wessex, Peter Hansfords

Personalised Travel Plans

The County Council provides the facility for staff to obtain a personalised travel plan from our Corporate Travel Strategy Co-Ordinator.

Car Sharing

The County Council has a tailor made system called "Hantscarshare" to help you find other HCC staff to share with every day, once a week, once a month or even once a year…every little helps!

You can also give preferences for who you would prefer to share with (eg. male, female, smokers/non-smokers etc). Registering is easy and FREE.

Interest free loans to purchase bikes and safety equuipment