Workplace Travel

Travel Plans

A Travel Plan is a package of measures designed to encourage more sustainable modes of transport such as walking, cycling, bus usage or car sharing.

A travel plan is a long term strategy for improving and managing access to a site focusing on promoting sustainable modes, and minimising single occupancy car trips. For the purposes of the planning process, travel plans must be documented and contain objectives and targets, the policies and measures to be implemented, an action plan and the monitoring and review arrangements.

In recent years travel plans have broadened so that they are not just about businesses but produced for;

  • New residential developments

  • Railway stations

  • Events and major health institutions.

  • Airports as surface access strategies

Travel plans need to consider all the journeys to and from a site. Workplace travel plans including office, hospital or visitor attractions are ‘destination’ based plans, generally designed to reduce car use to a specific destination. Residential travel plans focus on the ‘origin’ where journeys are made from.

There should be a process of continual monitoring and review to reflect changing circumstances and to ensure that agreed outcomes are met.

What are the Benefits of a Travel Plan?

Travel Plans are important for both existing businesses and new developments, they can reduce the impact on the surrounding highway network, nearby residents, benefit new or existing staff or residents.


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