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Why produce a Travel Plan?

A Travel Plan that is robust and can demonstrate a positive commitment to reducing the impact of the development will help you to obtain planning permission more easily (however, it must be noted that a good travel plan will never make an unsustainable site sustainable).  In fact, Travel Plans are now a requirement for all major developments and certain smaller planning applications.

Producing a Travel Plan from the outset can have a number of benefits for the development, business and individuals.

Benefits to the business

  • ·Improved accessibility for employees, customers and suppliers

  • ·Reduction in the amount of land required for parking (reduced maintenance costs and the possibility of using the land for profitable use)

  • ·Increased staff retention and recruitment through making the site easier to access and providing benefits to assist with the journey to work

  • ·Reduced congestion leading to more efficient business travel

  • ·Reduce on site parking issues

  • ·Corporate social responsibility improvements and improved public image of the company

Benefits to employees

  • ·Improved range of travel choices available

  • ·Reduced stress related to congestion and parking problems

  • ·Improved health through the uptake of more active forms of travel

  • ·Benefits available to assist with various forms of travel to work

Benefits to the environment and the local community

  • ·Reduced congestion

  • ·Improved air quality

  • ·Improved road safety

  • ·Reduction in noise pollution

How can Hampshire County Council help?

The travel plan team at Hampshire County Council can provide a range of services to assist with the development and implementation of travel plans throughout the county.  We positively encourage developers or applicants to contact us at the pre-application stage.  In summary the services we provide are:

·Advice and guidance on all aspects of travel planning

·Provision of example staff surveys and site audits for businesses to use to collate information on the site for the travel plan (for links to the electronic versions please contact the Workplace Travel Plan Team)

·Assistance with setting up travel plan forums and partnerships in your local area

·Use of the on-line travel planning system iTRACE

·Provision of leaflets and information on cycle routes, public transport services and car sharing

·Use of the on-line car sharing database


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