Workplace Travel

Assessment of Travel Plans

Development Related Travel Plan Guidance

The County Council’s Travel Plan team will assess the travel plan using the TRACES evaluation (the assessment table is contained in Appendix C of the guidance) and provide comprehensive feedback including a statement of the plan’s level of acceptability and whether it requires redrafting.  A ‘pass score' of 70 has been set as an indication of the level that a travel plan should achieve.  However, if each element of the TRACES criteria are not met sufficiently then the plan will require redrafting.  Developers are strongly advised to assess their travel plan prior to submission.

A charge will be made by the County Council for evaluating a travel plan.  The fees for evaluation of the travel plan are set out in Appendix D alongside other charges.  See the fees page for further information

Evaluation of a Travel Plan

When the Travel Plan is submitted with a planning application it must include an evaluation undertaken by the developer, or his adviser, based on the TRACES methodology.   A template for doing this is included in the guidance at Appendix C.

The County Council will assess this evaluation at no cost to the developer.  If the Travel Plan is not considered to be satisfactory the developer will be provided with feedback and given an opportunity to resubmit the plan.  Second and subsequent evaluations will be undertaken by the County Council on the basis of the fees set out in the table.