Workplace Travel

Information for Individuals


There are a number of benefits of Travel Plans or switching to non car modes can bring to your lives:

  • less stressful options for travel to work
  • improved health, motivation and well-being
  • lower levels of stress
  • reduced journey times
  • reduced cost of travel, or avoid the need to own/buy a car
  • provide a better work-life balance through flexible working and less need to travel on business
  • tax concessions
  • Bike Doctor Events
  • reduced cycle training cost

How your employers can support you

You employer can support you by developing a Travel Plan for your company and or site where you work. Travel Plans are effective tools to help tackle problems on and within close proximity to a site. You can encourage your employer to produce a Travel Plan and you can direct them to the relevant web pages or request an information pack on their behalf.

As a part of the package of measures included within the Travel Plan, the following measures could benefit you personally;

  • Cycle to work scheme
  • Bikers Breakfasts
  • Identifying a Cycling Champion
  • Identifying a Walking Champion
  • Offering incentives for the use of non-car modes
  • The provision of car share spaces
  • Incentives for car sharing
  • Involvement in National Events such as Cycle to Work Week and In Town Without my Car
  • Bike Doctor Events
  • reduced cycle training costs

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