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Councillor Patricia Stallard

Committee Membership

Committee Title Position Held Date Joined
Executive Member for Health and Public Health Cabinet Member 22-05-2015
Cabinet Member 22-05-2015
Conduct Advisory Panel Deputy 18-07-2013
County Council Member 02-02-2012
Extraordinary Council Member 02-02-2012
Hampshire Health & Wellbeing Board Member 22-05-2015


Outside Body Membership

Outside Body Title Position Held Date Joined
Barton Farm Development Forum Deputy 11-06-2013
Community Action Hampshire Member 25-07-2013
Francia Trust Member 12-06-2013
Good Neighbour Support Service Member 18-07-2013
Hampshire Admission Forum Member 11-07-2013
Hampshire Foundation for Young Musicians Member 12-06-2013
Hampshire Playing Fields Association Member 20-06-2013
Live Theatre Winchester Trust Member 20-06-2013
North Whiteley Development Forum Member 11-06-2013
West of Waterlooville Forum Member 11-06-2013
Winchester Excavations Committee Member 31-07-2013

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Election Information

Conservative Party
Winchester Southern Parishes
2013 Election Result for Winchester Southern Parishes

Date First Elected: 09/02/2012