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Councillor Jonathan Glen

Committee Membership

Committee Title Position Held Date Joined
Children and Families Advisory Panel Member 23-05-2013
Children and Young People Select Committee Member
Hampshire Fire and Rescue Authority Member 23-05-2013
Hampshire Health & Wellbeing Board Deputy 19-09-2013
Policy and Resources Select Committee Chairman 23-05-2013


Outside Body Membership

Outside Body Title Position Held Date Joined
Blackwater Valley Countryside Partnership Member 11-06-2013
County Councils Network Council Deputy 23-05-2013
Hart Voluntary Action Member 25-06-2013
Local Government Association General Assembly Deputy 23-05-2013
Thames Basin Heaths Special Protection Area Joint Strategic Board Member 11-06-2013

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Election Information

Conservative Party
2013 Election Result for Odiham

Date First Elected: 01/05/1997