Get jobs delivered to you by email

We are aware that continually looking at a jobs website to see if there are any new jobs since the last time you looked can be time consuming.

The solution is to set up a ‘job alert’ which will allow you to specify which jobs you are interested in, in what locations and at what level, then we will automatically email you when a new job is added which matches the criteria you have set.


Have you registered for NewJob before?


Log on create or manage your existing job alerts

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Sign up to create a new user account and create job alerts via email

When you have registered you will see a screen which says “Registration Complete”. Use the link to ‘Register for Job Alerts’ to set up the criteria that will tell us which jobs you would like to be emailed about when a new job is added.


How the e-alerts work

We need you to register so that we can obtain some key pieces of information which we will use to create the job alerts:

  • your name – so that we can address information to you
  • your email – so that we can send you an email when new jobs are added
  • password – so that your job alerts are secure

When you set up your individual job alerts you will be asked to select your job alert criteria, so that we know which jobs you want us to email you about when a new job is added which matches it:

  • which location or locations you would like to work in
  • which job category or categories (e.g. audit, social work) you are interested in
  • what salary you are looking for

Will I receive hundreds of emails?

By setting the criteria, it means that you will only receive emails about those jobs which match that specific criteria and so you control how many job alerts you receive.

You can set up as many job alerts with as many combinations of criteria as you like.


Delete or change your job alerts

You have complete control over your job alerts and are able to delete them or change them at any time – log on and click on your name towards the top right of the screen, followed by ‘Alert Centre’ and you will be given the option to set up, amend and delete existing job alerts.