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Alex and Amelia give youth a voice in Hampshire

Two Youth Voice representatives for Hampshire County Council begin their roles this month. Alex Maynard, 20 from Gosport, and Amelia Wrigley, 16 from Winchester, were among 38 young people who expressed an interest in the 12-month voluntary role.

Just seven individuals were shortlisted for interview by the panel, which included two of Hampshire’s Youth Parliament, Sam Longmore and Zoni Asif, and Councillor Ray Bolton, Chairman of the Council’s Children and Young People Select Committee. They were impressed by Alex and Amelia’s enthusiasm and their commitment to voicing the aspirations and attitudes of their peers.

  • Amelia Wrigley

    Amelia, who was Head Girl at King’s School in Winchester, said: “I'm really excited about this opportunity, and look forward to taking on the challenge. I hope to effectively voice the opinions of Hampshire's young people and increase youth engagement with the decisions that affect us.”


  • Alex Maynard

    Alex, who has previously been a member of Youth Parliament for Hampshire, mirrored those sentiments. He said: "I am delighted to have been chosen to carry out this role. I look forward to the challenges involved and helping to enable young people to have a say."


As Youth Voice Representatives, Alex and Amelia will be bridging the gap between Hampshire’s youth population and the County Council’s Children’s Services Department, allowing young people to actively engage in the shaping of services that affect them.

These roles were created by the County Council to ensure young people have the opportunity to comment upon, and influence, decision making for services that affect them. Through Alex and Amelia we will be able to better listen to Hampshire’s young people, gather important feedback, and ensure that young people are represented in the development of services from the onset.

Amelia is a student at Peter Symonds College and Alex is currently studying for a degree in International Relations at Portsmouth University. They will continue their studies alongside their new roles.


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