Better Balance for life!

Better balance for life

Why exercise?

Regular exercise and physical activity are really important for good health and well being.

Keeping physically active can help you continue to do the things you enjoy and stay independent as you age.

Use the exercises in the Better balance for life leaflet below to help you improve your balance, flexibility and prevent falls if done as part of your daily routine.

woman exercising Better balance for life
Download exercises to help you improve your balance and flexibility

Falls prevention What you can do to prevent falls
Four things you can do to prevent falls


Community exercise classes
Local classes including Steady and Strong and Nordic Health Walking

Ping pong Ping pong in Hampshire
Details on the Hampshire project

What to do if you fall at home

Try not to panic. If you are hurt, don’t move.

Get help by using your personal alarm, the phone or by shouting and banging on the wall or floor. If you have to wait for help, try to keep warm, get comfortable, wriggle away from fires or hot radiators.

If you are not hurt, try to roll onto your hands and knees and crawl to a sturdy piece of furniture eg a chair.

Facing the chair, put your hands on it, ease yourself into a standing position and turn to sit on the chair.

Always tell your Doctor or a health professional that you have had a fall.



The World Health Organisation’s recent report on Ageing and Health discusses how exercises that build muscle mass, increase strength and improve balance become increasingly important as people grow older.

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