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Mental Health and wellbeing

Are you concerned about:

  • mood swings
  • agitation
  • memory loss or confusion
  • withdrawal
What you can do Who can help?
Arrange to:
  • discuss this with your GP

You should contact your General Practitioner.

NHS Direct provides confidential health advice and information around the clock.

You may find it useful to read about dementia and the signs that could be the early symptoms of dementia. Spotting the signs of dementia early means you can get the right treatment and support as soon as possible.

Support organisations for people with Mental Health problems.

Message in a bottle

message in a bottle

Message in a bottle encourages people living on their own to keep their basic personal and medical details in a small plastic bottle in the fridge.

If the emergency services are called to your home, they can quickly find vital information about your health. Bottles are funded by local Lions Clubs and are free to users. Ask your local GP surgery or pharmacy for details.

mental health

Contact numbers

For a health emergency