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Older people's well-being strategy for Hampshire

Ageing well in Hampshire

Updated 26 September 2014

Older people spent time telling us how independence looks for them. This new strategy builds on what they told us and aims to address their key issues, for example feeling safe out and about, maximising income, being able to get out and about, join in their local community and maintain their home and garden.

Hampshire's previous older people's well-being strategy (2011 to 2014), used a partnership model to put in place the building blocks, with initiatives such as the Trigger Tool and OPAL information services, gardening support services, falls prevention physical activity programme (Better Balance for life).

With the on going support of all partners, the new strategy intends to reach out even further into the community and to develop the concept of "Ageing well in Hampshire".

This new strategy has been created with key partners and the resulting work plan will be overseen by the County Council's joint Older People's Well-Being Steering Group