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Return, replacement or repair of equipment

There are various ways that you can return unwanted equipment or have broken equipment repaired or replaced, and this usually depends on where the equipment originally came from.

For equipment supplied by Hampshire County Council

Returning equipment

Returning equipment from OT

If OT are able to reuse the item they will arrange a suitable time to collect it from you.
Contact OT Direct to arrange.

Otherwise for equipment that has previously come from ICES (there should be a bar code on the piece of equipment indicating this).
Contact The Integrated Community Equipment Store (ICES)
Tel: 01256 476800

Stair lifts

If the lift installed came from Hampshire County Council recycled stock then it still belongs to us, and we will require client details and contact information.
Contact OT Direct to arrange.

Returning equipment from the Sensory Team

Currently there is very little equipment which needs to be returned. However, if you have any, just return it to the local adult services area office and this will then be sent to the technicians department.
Or contact Technicians Service
Tel: 01489 559477
Tel: 01489 570278 (deaf or Hard of Hearing helpline – not 24/7)


Repairing equipment

Equipment from both OT and the Sensory Team

If the equipment needing repair is provided by Hampshire County Council, then you can contact the Technician Service directly.
Technicians Service
Tel: 01489 559477
Tel: 01489 570278 (deaf or Hard of Hearing helpline)

Battery driven equipment

If the equipment is not working determine if it is battery powered, check that the batteries have been changed or can be changed.

Batteries that can be changed are dry cell ones i.e. those bought over the counter e.g. Duracell, Ever Ready.

Remember that batteries must be changed like for like i.e. a rechargeable battery for another rechargeable battery (if a ‘normal’ battery is put in instead it will damage the equipment).

Technicians will not replace normal dry cell batteries.

Wet cell or specialist batteries need to be changed by technicians.
Contact Technicians Service
Tel: 01489 559477
Tel: Tel: 01489 570278 (deaf or Hard of Hearing helpline)

If the batteries have been changed and the equipment is still not working please contact the Technicians Service above.

Faulty equipment

Adult Services will replace faulty equipment. If your needs haven't changed and the equipment is still supplied you will receive a direct replacement, however if alternative equipment is required a new assessment will be made by OT Direct


Are you moving house?

If you are moving house, and need specialist equipment transferred to your new property, and the equipment was installed by our technician service, then you should contact the area office, Sensory team or OT Direct depending which service arranged the equipment.

Technicians Service
Tel: 01489 559477
Tel: 01489 570278 (deaf or Hard of Hearing helpline)

Please be able to provide the new property details and who owns the property.

You should be reassessed to ensure that your needs have not changed and that the equipment is still suitable, and that the equipment is suitable for the new property.


For equipment supplied by other organisations

From the British Red Cross

Contact the Hampshire branch Tel: 01962 877 732 for details of how to arrange collection of unwanted equipment.

Wheelchairs loaned from the Red Cross should be returned directly to them.

From the National Health Services(NHS)

If your wheelchair has been supplied by the NHS, you will need to contact your local NHS Wheelchair Service for repair or return.

Privately purchased

Wheelchairs - for privately purchased wheelchairs please contact your supplier.

Stairlifts - if the stair lift was purchased via a Disabled Facilities Grant then the lift is your property and you can sell or do with it as you please.

If you wish to donate the lift to Adult Services we will arrange removal at no cost, and will just require client details and a named contact person and telephone number for the company so that arrangements for collection can be made.

Contact OT Direct to arrange.

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