Financial help and advice

Funding your own care

Paying for care can be an expensive and open-ended commitment if you have assets and/or savings above the current financial threshold of £23,250.

Information and advice for people paying for their own care

Hampshire County Council is working with PayingForCare a not-for-profit organisation that provides valuable information on all aspects of long-term care to help you make informed choices about your care and how you pay for it.

Call: 0808 208 9994 for a free chat or alternatively fill in this form to arrange a call back.

PayingForCare can help you to navigate through the complexities of:

  • how the social and health care system works
  • the types of care available and how to arrange it
  • the funding options available to help meet the costs of care
  • the typical costs of different types of care
  • state benefits and entitlements and how to claim
  • important arrangements such as Lasting Power of Attorney and a Will
  • finding a specialist care fees adviser to explore the best way to pay for your long-term care

You may not have to sell your home or use up all of your financial assets to fund your care.

The funding of long-term care is likely to be one of the biggest financial decisions of your life. A lack of planning could result in depletion of your assets and loss of inheritance for your loved ones. If you are already in care, it is not too late. There may be options for you to explore to protect your capital and income.

You will be responsible for funding your own care if

  • For residential care -you have assets and income (including your property) greater than £23,250 and are seeking to go into residential care unless your care is temporary or a close relative still lives with you

  • For care at home - you are seeking care at home support and you have assets or income (excluding your property) greater than £23,250

If you are responsible for paying the full cost of your care, we strongly recommend that you seek specialist information and advice and explore all the care funding options available to you before entering into any arrangements.