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08/02/2013 04:12pm

John Hotston

I visited the museum yesturday along with my wife and two friends. Over all it was interesting. It woukld be much better if the vehicle were open for people to sit in and given information about what it was used for this would make the vehicle more interesting, instead of being locked and no climbing signs on them. Being an Ex-Serviceman if allowed to sit inside most of the vehicles you have at the museum would brimg back some very good memories, instead of just looking at the outside. What do you think those that have not been a member of the armed forces thing these vehicles look like inside and get the feel of what it was like to travel in such a vehicle. I cannot see how a County council can run such a museum. You require Ex-Service personnel to run this type of museum and have the right information to pass onto the public and school parties.



01/07/2012 05:33pm

R. Molyneux

Cpl Jenning's experience mirrored my own, which began three months earlier. The account reminded me of some things I'd long forgotten. I do agree that, with the demolition of these old barracks, an important part of our military heritage was lost. I have kept in touch with two old colleagues ( one now, sadly, deceased ) ever since. If Mr Jennings would like to contact me, I'm sure we could have an interesting exchange.



18/09/2011 05:56am

Judith Brown

My husband David & I visited the museum on Saturday 17 September after attending the Parade for the Royal Army Physical Corps. We very much enjoyed the visit,the tableux & all the information about life in the British Army, we think this is invaluable for the younger visitors who aren't necessarily taught the Armed Forces.,they seemed to enjoy it very much. The shed from Isington & the vehicles was very impressive. Thank you.



07/02/2011 03:59pm

Tracy Meadows

We held a party here for 6 boys age 7-8. What a superb place, great hands on activities, lots of interesting facts, a chance to dress up in costumes and hold real guns and birthday tea in a personnel carrier - the boys were full of it.

Many thanks to the museum staff who did a wonderful job of introducing the boys to the museum.

We shall return as a family to spend longer looking at the exhibits - really surprised that so few people appear to have discovered this gem of a museum.



03/02/2011 02:35pm

Matthew Abbott

The museum is perfect for WWII, if you live reasonably locally, as you can pretty much have the place to yourself. The led activities are definitely worth the investment, and the children had the time to see the whole museum in some detail and still return in time for the end of the day.



04/11/2010 12:38pm

aaron lyons

i think that it is very educational and will be very good for a school to go out on a school visit as a treat or something.



25/10/2010 05:50am

R Johnson

My husband, nearly 4 yr old son and I had a lovely trip to the museum on a Sunday morning. There's lots to see, some nice activities and the outside space is perfect for kids to let off some steam. A great diversion for a few hours.



24/10/2010 06:04am

Andy Earl

I visited yesterday with my 10 year old son and my father in law. We all really enjoyed our visit, lots of vehicles to see out side and also in the barn, which is a beautiful building in its self. Inside the museum we found the staff to be both friendly and helpful. The museum covering local Aldershot history and military history together I thought worked well. Very good for children with plenty of hands on things to do and a shop with pocket money prices.

Thank you for a nice day out!



25/08/2010 01:40pm

Jim Spratt

Overall really pleased to have been here - outside is pretty sp (but loved the various military vehicles) but inside really surprised me. There is absolutely masses to see (particularly loved the Victorian kitchen - including the old versus new puzzle). The movie about the people passing through Aldershot is really poignant (especially with the last post playing) since I'm sure quite a few soldiers didn't return.



09/08/2010 11:28am

Gareth Jones

Indoors - fine. Outside a mess. Exhibits without explanations. Exhibits with explanations which looked as if they had been covered for years. No chronological order. General feeling of lack of care and interest.

Museum replies

We ensure that the museum site is very clean and tidy at all times. Of course, sometimes the vehicles are being worked on by volunteers during visits by the public - which does cause some untidiness due to tools etc.

Each exhibit does have an explanation and it was a major project last year to install new permanent signage for each exhibit with information on the vehicles with their individual histories prior to coming to the museum.

The main battle tanks in the museum's collections (Challenger 1 and Chieftain) are covered over mainly because these vehicles are being worked on at weekends by our tank volunteers. The work they undertake is various, including interior and exterior jobs - as you can imagine, living outside, these tanks would get very wet inside due to the weather which would reverse any of the repairs/refurbishment that is currently being undertaken. Ideally we would love these tanks to be on show all the time but this could only be done if they were in a regulated environment (inside a building).

The vehicles are in no chronological order as they are positioned around the car park of the museum which would make it difficult to establish some kind of 'order'.

We have a very good group of volunteers who spend many hours working weekly on the vehicles - without a budget for materials. Recent projects have included: repainting of the Sexton, repainting of the Saladin, interior repainting of the Landrover Piglet and working towards the Bedford RL road worthiness.


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