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18/06/2011 06:08am

Mrs H M Bennet

I have been visiting the Allen gallery for almost 5 years,originally with my grandaughter who was a baby at the time. She loved the garden sculpture of the dancing sisters! Over the intervening years, when I have been in Alton, I have tried to include a visit to the gallery as I think it is one of Alton's gems and a great asset to the town. I sincerely hope that under the new management the spirit of the place will not change as it is a delightful experience the way it is. If I lived in Alton I would certainly offer my services as a volunteer!



27/02/2011 06:33am

fiona musker

This was our first visit to the museum. This would not be my first choice of museum for young children, but a potter would think they'd died and gone to heaven! Even if you aren't a potter, but are into design, or work in another craft field, like my husband, there are plenty of interesting shapes and finishes to spark off ideas. I'm neither, but I found that the exhibits held my interest. We tried the tea-room too, and the Victoria Sponge certainly got the thumbs up from my husband!



21/02/2011 08:52am

Doreen & Ken Binks

The gallery is a peaceful haven amidst the bustle of the town. We always appreciate the personal service there and were particularly pleased to find the exhibition of W.H. Allen's beautiful watercolours was still on. We enjoyed it very much and do hope the Gallery will continue to host future exhibitions.



21/02/2011 08:54am

John Mundy

Visited with Four Marks Putting Club on Thursday. Most impressed with exhibits and garden. Will bring my wife for coffee soon. These museums must be kept open for the benifit of young and old.



18/02/2011 03:26pm

David Craigen

I visited 17th February with the Four Marks Putting Club. Very much enjoyed the Allen painting exhibition - I would have liked to know the year each exhibit was painted, in order to relate the quality to his age and improving skills - it seems to me likely that his experience and development as a painter is probably reflected in the quality of each picture! To my untutored eye one or two paintings appeared almost "amateurish" in execution, but then most were very competently painted.  



10/02/2011 04:39pm

Mrs Carola Ingall

My friend, Brenda, from Midhurst, and I today visited the Allen Gallery (10th Feb 2011). We were most impressed with the layout and information provided for the WH Allen exhibition, and the paintings are wonderful. Also, of course, we enjoyed the permanent ceramics exhibition, to which I first took my sons thirty years ago. We had an excellent hot drink and delicious cake, and then spent quite a lot of money in the shop, where the goods on offer were most attractive and reasonably priced. The three ladies on duty couldn't have been more helpful, and were quite delightful. SURELY it is not too late to reverse the decision to close the Gallery, with a possibility of volunteers running it? The present staff are dedicated to their jobs, know the history, and the exhibits, inside-out, and are as much a pleasure to visit as the collections.

Why is paying to visit a gallery/museum so politically incorrect? I'd gladly pay for the pleasure of a visit, and I'm sure lots of other people would, too - it wouldn't have to be a great sum of money, surely - and in addition, have the funds brought in by the shop been taken into account? The loss of the Allen Gallery, as it is at present, will change Alton forever, no matter how keen the volunteers. Please change your minds.



13/01/2011 06:18pm

Pelham Ravenscroft

The collection of ceramics is not just Alton's or Hampshire's treasure: it is a national treasure. I am astonished that there is no charge for entry. I thought the labels and descriptions were excellent. There should be a campaign to tell the world about it, and thus attract visitors to Alton.



09/01/2011 02:22pm

Robin White

Fantastic exhibition of pictures and really lovely collection of ceramics. I will be visting again.



03/01/2011 06:37am

Jim & Meg Mitchell

We have just returned to Wiltshire following one of our regular trips to our daughter and her family in Alton. A visit to the Allen Gallery when we are there is a must. The ambience is delightful, the exhibits always interesting - we especially enjoy the photography - the garden a joy and the refreshments never disappoint. The friendly, welcoming manner of the staff is a bonus.



20/10/2010 05:25pm

Sue Tupper

What a wonderful jewel of Alton.

The gallery and garden are such a wonderful peaceful place with changing exciting art exhibitions, such friendly helpful staff, a wealth of historical interest and artifacts and a tasteful, friendly, accessible place to meet friends for a coffee while enjoying local artists' work.

Thank you to the staff for making it such an enjoyable visit. My students really enjoyed being able to drop in to a free and wheelchair friendly local place.


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