Hampshire Cultural Trust

Points to consider when making a risk assessment

Andover Museum and Museum of the Iron Age are a part of Hampshire Cultural Trust. The county trained staff work to keep the building and exhibits in the safest and most accessible condition for school groups and the general public.

The building complies with all necessary emergency access and alarms, all of which are well maintained and regularly tested.

A Teacher pre-planning visit is strongly recommended. We ask that groups are properly briefed on how to behave in a museum, and that the correct ratio of adults to children is provided.

Supervisory ratio adults to children

  • KS 1 1:5
  • KS 2 1:10

Pupils are familiarised with their environment as part of session introduction and made aware of potential hazards.

Handling guidelines are explained for each visiting group.

Teachers made aware of potential source of allergic reactions - fur and feather allergy - if relevant.

Objects with moving parts immobilised or use of carefully supervised and hazard warning  label attached to the object.

The fabric of the building is always kept up to a safe condition, and we ask for adult supervision when moving children around the building, particularly when using the stairs.

Visitors will at all times be supervised by museum staff when handling artefacts, and the choice of artefacts to handle for a given group will be made by the trained museum staff.

Museum staff and school staff must lead groups in such a  way as to avoid overcrowding and running in the building.