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25/07/2012 11:04am


I have visited the museum on many occasions, it is a great museum showing the history of Andover as well as other exhibits including Danebury and the Iron Age which has amazing artefacts and tableaus, but on Sat 21st my friend Lindsey and I went there for an Osteoarchaeology Workshop given by Dr Justine Tracey, it was brilliant with a power point presentation and a lot of hands on time as well. It was only an hour and a half but Dr Tracey gave up part of her break to show us another presentation. Altogether it was a most enjoyable and informative visit and I am looking forward to similar occasions in the future.



13/08/2011 05:33am

Adam Edwards

Visited today, two adults one seven year old and one two and a half year old.

All of us got something from the visit, the children enjoyed the activities and the hands on bits while the adults, well just enjoyed all of it to be honest.

I've visited Danebury many times before but now will get even more from my visits due to the displays and reconstructions of the forts ramparts etc.

Also friendly and helpfull staff. Many thanks to all.


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