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Alice Wyeth's diary

Extract from the diary of Alice Wyeth covering the period of her courtship and engagement to Fred Brown, 20 May 1876-28 April 1879. The couple were later married at St Bartholomew church, Hyde on 2 September 1880. Alice Wyeth was the daughter of Hugh Wyeth a brewer of Winchester. Frederick Brown was the son of Thomas Arnold Brown a draper of Winchester. Also amongst the collection is a bundle of letters and cards sent to Fred and Alice Brown on their Golden Wedding Anniversary in 1930 so clearly it was a marriage made to last.

Hampshire Record Office, 49M98W/B8/4

Diary transcript

15th Wed. Felt very bad in the morning but was determined to meet Fred in the afternoon at Mr Stubington's so went down there directly after dinner, there I found him dear old fellow. After we talked sometime I went up to Mrs Bonds to give her a lesson and I felt dreadfully ill, just managed to get home, went to bed and there I remained for a month with typhoid fever. I was bad.

16th Thursday (Day of days) Fred was anxious to know if I really was ill so he came up in the evening and when he heard how ill I was he got Papa alone in the Vinery and there he asked his consent for me to be his wife and Papa gave it. I didn't know until the next morning but oh how happy it made me. I am sure my illness would have lasted longer if it hadn't been.