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Skulls and skeletons

This area of the collections is still being developed. There are currently 400 skulls (250 bird and 150 mammal) and a small collection of trophies and skeletons held in our store.

The bone and skulls (Osteological Collection) are useful for bone enquiries that come into the museums service and are therefore used for comparative purposes.

The oldest skeletal remains come from two extinct birds


Various bones from a dodo, Raphus cucullatus, including 3 wing bones, sternum (breast bone), ischium and ilium (hip girdle), 6 fused tarsi and metatarsi, 4 fibula, 4 femur and 1 scapula, found by George Clark, at La Mare aux Songes, Mahebourg, Mauritius, 1865
Plaster cast foot and head of dodo, Didus ineptus, taken from the specimen at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, c1867
HMCMS:ACM1867.2 and 3


Thigh bone from a moa, Dinornis sp, found by Charles Curtis, in New Zealand, 1865

Skulls of a fox, an otter and a whooper swan