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Calshot Activities Centre

Boat user facilities - Launching and Quay/Jetty charges 2013/14


  • Public - Daily fee, including car to 7m and trailer parking, use of toilets/showers, fresh water wash off
    • £16.80 per boat up to 6m length overall or per PW craft
    • £23 per boat over 6m LOA, one week pass £63 (under 6m), £84 (over 6m)
    • Daily fee kayak, stand up board, wind surfer/boat under 3m, inc. parking £6.50 (additional items launched £1 each.)
    • £25.20 one week pass.
  • Centre Basic Member - Daily fee £5 less than above, one week £20 less on showing annual car pass.
  • Centre Annual Launching Member - Available only with Basic Centre Membership (£49), includes car to 7m and empty trailer parking, use of toilets/shower, fresh water wash off - £13 per kayak/SUPB/wind or kitesurferboat under 3m, £129 per boat up to 6m LOA or per jet ski, £192 per boat over 6m LOA.
  • Group Rates – Enquire for special rates for camp/launch or club regattas etc.

Quay/Jetty/Pontoon use

  • Lying alongside drying quay wall or scrubbing on beach or slip including use of toilets/showers/skip - £7.90 inclusive of VAT per 24 hours or part thereof – advance booking essential.
  • Landing/picking up persons from jetty, (minimum depth 3m), or pontoon (tidal) - £1 per adult, 50p per child (under 18), Annual launching or Boat store members. Commercial users, special rates, please enquire.
  • No charge for anchoring, ABP (Harbour Authority) may levy a fee.

Marine Information

  • The main (North) slipway (by the Jetty), can be very busy, the RNLI have priority. Beware launching one hour either side of extreme low water springs when there may be insufficient water. Trailers are to be returned to your boat park space. Small cats should be launched from the East slip which is unsuitable for vehicles and is mostly used by the Calshot Cats Club. Shallow draft boats will find the West slip into the creek, by the pontoons, a more sheltered option but it is only useable HW –1½ to +3½.
  • Boats and PW craft are not to be left unattended when on the water or slipways and must not be left by the jetty stairs, which are needed for Centre and RNLI use. The moorings west of the main slipway are private, light duty; members may use the CAC orange buoy closest north of the slipway, at their own risk. The buoy at the foot of the slip is for hauling off.
  • Information on current and recent wind speeds

Marine Storage Charges

Keel Boat/Non Trailed Boat Storage/Windsurf/Kitesurf Board Storage