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05/05/2015 07:55am


It was really fun and I overcame my fear of height there so i am very happy. are instructor was called calum and was very good. Calshot is the best

Calshot Replies - Hi Albie, We are pleased to hear you enjoyed your trip to Calshot and that you overcame your fear of heights - well done.

We hope to see you back at Calshot in the future - we agree Calshot is the best

The Calshot team



28/04/2015 09:50am

mitchell thompson

i loved going to calshot you should go it's Relly fun

Calshot replies;

Hi Mitchell, Glad to hear you enjoyed your visit to Calshot.  We agree it's worth a visit and is really fun.

I will make sure your instructors knows you enjoyed your visit.

The team at Calshot



01/12/2014 03:01pm


Hi Calshot I have really loved the activities and the staff has done a really good job with the activities viv and jeney are very good exductus so thank you for a really good week.

Calshot Replies;

Hi Abbie, Glad to hear you enjoyed the activities at Calshot. We will pass on your comments to Viv and Jenny.

The team at Calshot



08/10/2014 12:53pm

J Simmons

My daughter has been attending both barnacle and limpets climbing club for years now. The instructors are amazing , friendly, confidence boosting, really good fun and highly entertaining to watch at times. They have the kids eating out of the palm of their hands, whilst improving their skills My daughter now wants to become a climbing instructor. Highly recommended. Xx

Calshot replies;

It's great to hear that your daugher has progressed through the barnacles and limpets programme and has enjoyed it so much.  The climbing clubs are a great way for youngsters to make new friends, learn to work together, trust each other and take on challenges together.

I will make sure the instructional team see your kind comments, I know they will be really please to hear your daughter is so enthused with the sport that she wants to become a climbing instructor in the future.



02/10/2014 03:52pm


I have just arrived back from my trip to Calshot and I am missing it so much. I took part in climbing, sailing, cycling, kayaking, low ropes and high ropes which all were fantastic! The food was excellent and was very tasty, the chips especially! The accommodation was not 5 stars but it was manageable and was acceptable since we rarely were in the rooms due to so many fun and exciting activities. I would like to thank all the amazing calshot staff and instructors for providing me and my school so much fun!

Calshot Replies;

Hi Rhea, We are really pleased to hear that you had such a great time whilst at Calshot and that you enjoyed taking part in so many fantastic activities.

I will pass on your comments to all the Calshot staff, they will be really pleased to hear that you and your school enjoyed their time at Calshot.

We look forward to you visiting us again in the future.



30/09/2014 09:33am

Robin Briscoe

Hi I was one of the first children from Hardly County Secondary School to take part on the sailing course in May 1964,as I recall the water was freezing at that time of year not capsizing weather, we used Wayfarer's then with three crew in boat very fond memory's happy days, but more important it taught us to work as a team.

Calshot Replies;

It's great to hear you have fond memories of your time at Calshot.  I'm sure you will be pleased to know we are still introducing many youngsters to adventurous activities and that we have a very stong emphsis on team work, communication and developing self confidence.



02/09/2014 02:39pm

dj jackson

Hi shout out to all calshot staff my experiences were amazing and I couldnt have asked for better, most thanks go to my group leaders louis and stew for helping me throughout the week, if I hadnt come I would have missed out on all the fun especially the velodrome which, thanks to stew, I've grown a liking to and am hoping to visit many times in the future to practice my velodrome skills and techniques and hopefully take it on as, not only as a hobby but also as a professional biker.

Once again huge round of applause to stew and louis couldnt have done it without you!

Ill be back next year for sure!

Calshot replies;

Thanks for the shout out! Really pleased to hear you had such an amazing week at Calshot and that you plan to be back again in the future. We will pass on your thanks to Stew and Louis.

The velodrome is a fantastic facility and it's great to hear it has inspired you in such a way - we will watch out for your name in the Olympics of the future, maybe you'll follow in the footsteps of another Jackson? Harry, who is Calshot's longest serving track coach and represented Great Britain at the 1964 Olympics in Tokyo



11/08/2014 01:44pm

Graham Denton

My son (age 29) and I (age 66) have just completed the weekend adult RYA level 2 power boat course. We had a good 'fun weekend' as well as learning a great deal, completely fulfilling our aim for the weekend. Our instructor balanced safety considerations with allowing us to experience the fun of the activity - especially when the wind and waves blew up! I really cannot speak highly enough of the course and instructor, and (of course) of lunch!

It would be nice if Calshot could provide a follow-up for people like us. We enjoy 'messing around in boats' but do not plan to take up serious powerboating. How about the next level of course, or just the use of a boat and instructor to let us use and develop the skills we have learnt? We could then push ourselves to (and beyond) our limits of ability in a safe environment.

Calshot Replies-

We are really pleased to hear you had an enjoyable weekend at Calshot, as well as improving your knowledge and skills along the way. A combination we aim for on all of our courses.

We are able to offer follow-on courses and training on a private lesson/booking basis - I will ask one the team to contact you to discuss what you are looking for.

We will pass on your comments to all concerned with your course, including the catering team who provided lunch.



23/07/2014 10:22am


Hi does any one check the boats that are being put in the water to see if they have paid

Calshot replies:

Regular checks are made of boats launching, as well as those using the car park facilities, to ensure they are paying to use the facilities. If you believe users are not paying then please report it to a member of Calshot staff.



11/06/2014 10:56am


i went to visit with my school on the 2nd of June to 6th June. it felt very welcoming and i had a lot of fun....all friendly faces and grate views and activities there aren't any bad points about it. there are also grate staff!


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