Services for Young Children

How do I arrange for my child to have their free Early Years Education (EYE) entitlement?

  • You will need to contact the early years education provider that you are currently using (or intend to use) for your child’s care and education.

  • The provider will check when your child will become eligible. If your child is eligible, you will be asked to complete an Early Years Education (EYE) parent form.

  • Your provider will then claim funding for your child's place from Hampshire County Council. The funding will go to the childcare provider direct.

  • You cannot be charged for any part of the free Early Years Education either directly or indirectly. Under no circumstance should the provider levy any fee in respect of the free Early Years Education; nor should parents be charged in advance to be refunded at a later date. Providers must not as a condition for taking up the free entitlement place include any administration fee for these places, any charges for goods or services, for example (but not exclusively), meals, optional extras or additional hours or provision outside the free entitlement.

Finding an early years education provider

If your child is currently not attending an early years education provider then you can search for a provider in your area via the Hampshire Family Information Directory, or contact the Family Information Service for details of registered childcare providers in your area.

You can also find out more about different types of childcare provider on this page.

Can I change the number of hours I claim from my child's childcare provider(s) during the term?

No. Unfortunately any changes to the number of free hours accessed at one (or more) childcare service needs to wait until the start of the next (new) funding period.

I would like to query the invoice I have received from my child’s childcare provider

If you do not understand how you have been charged for services or do not agree with what has been charged, in the first instance you should speak directly to the person responsible for invoicing, and/or the manager of the childcare service.

Childcare providers in Hampshire do differ in how they manage their business and the charges they set, outside of the free early years education time.

Providers do have a responsibility to their parents to provide clear and concise information about their service charges and billing arrangements and therefore should be prepared to spend time going through any paperwork or queries with you.

If there continues to be a problem then contact the Services for Young Children Information Support Team on 01962 847070 or email: