Services for Young Children

Early Years Education Funding

Autumn 2014 funding period - 1 September 2014 to 31 December 2014

Headcount day is Thursday 18 September 2014.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION - Funding period hours update

There is an amendment to the hours claimable for the stretch offer this autumn. Stretch offer claims can be made for up to 207 hours (18 weeks x 11 hours plus up to 9 spare hours).

Headcount letter

All claims should be supported by a parent declaration form which are available in the useful downloads section on the right of this page.

Autumn Parent Declaration Form changes: The form now includes a section to collect ethnicity data which will support the local authority in understanding the childcare needs of different groups of children in Hampshire. You can help us with this task by supporting parents to complete this section using the guidance below.

For completion of the ethnicity section of the autumn parent declaration form, parents can opt to do the following:

  • choose ONE of the codes which they consider most appropriately represents their child's ethnicity, or,

  • choose not to disclose by entering the code REFU.

In providing early years education places to all communities in Hampshire, Services for Young Children (SfYC) will use information to ensure that the local authority meets its responsibilities under the Equalities Act 2010. (As this is a new data collection Providers will be given additional information in the July EYE Provider briefings)

All information is treated in confidence and is gathered in compliance with the Data Protection act 1998. The collection of this data is explained on the EYE parent/carer/child Privacy Notice which can also be found in the useful downloads section of this page. It will be held and used to help us deliver out statutory duties, including financial and sufficiency planning.

In Period Claims (Previously known as "late claims")

The In period claim form for Summer 2014 is available in the useful downloads section on this page.
Please complete this with the parent wishing to claim EYE hours. Any claims received after 12 September may not be processed until after 3 November when the Autumn funding period headcount process has been completed.

The In Period form for Summer 2014 should not be submitted until after the summer headcount process has been completed 4 June 2014. You should submit your late claim as soon as possible after the child starts at your setting to minimise the risk of any problems with the claim such as the setting claiming more hours than the child has available.

Please note any forms that are incomplete will not be processed, and will be returned for full completion. You will need to ensure it is signed by the person who usually takes responsibility for the claiming of early years education funding and the parent/carer. A copy of the completed form should be retained and the original sent to the address below.

In Period Claims
Services for Young Children
Children's Services Department
Hampshire County Council
EII Court North, 4th Floor
The Castle, Winchester
SO23 8UG

If the claim is approved, the funding will reach the setting's bank account direct and the remittance advice will be sent in the usual way.

Ten Day Payment Target

We aim to pay all headcount claims within ten working days of receiving a complete and correct claim form from our setting.

If for any reason your form is delayed due to a query or missing information, we will inform you in the first instance of this problem and notify you if your ten day start date has been reset.
Your form will then be paid within ten working days of this reset start date.

Headcount claim form errors

Numerous problems have come to light while processing the EYE headcount and claim forms. Some of the issues raised have been highlighted in the guidance document below:

Headcount form checklist

Any queries will delay your payments so getting the form right first time will ensure your payment is released promptly.

If you have any queries about your setting's EYE funding claim please contact the Information Support Team at or 01962 847070.

Or contact your local office.