Services for Young Children

Some handy hints for staff meetings and training activities for settings

  • Provide staff with a copy or a web link to the Statutory Framework and ensure they read it before the staff meeting.

    • Ask each practitioner to come to the staff meeting with at least one sentence they agree with and one they have a question about.

    • Or, one sentence that they feel the setting already does well and one that they feel the setting needs to work on.

  • Use Page 2 Development Matters as a starting point with your staff. You may want to consider the similarities between the Principles card in the old EYFS with this page.

  • Provide cards with each area of learning, sort cards into prime and specific

  • Link up with another local setting (or feeder school) to have a one hour discussion on the Statutory Framework

  • Characteristics of effective learning and the Prime and Specific areas of learning and development: cut these up and ask staff to put them back together, justifying why they make their decisions.

  • Brainstorm characteristics of effective learning: practitioners discuss… What do I do well? What do I do now? What else could I do?

  • Play ‘hunt the section’ – e.g. “What page is the reference to outdoors?”

  • Find all the ‘musts’ in the document

  • Each practitioner reads one section and then summarises it to the staff team.

  • Log onto the Foundation Stage Forum and read some of the comments and questions that other practitioners have.

  • Sign up for the email updates from the Foundation Years website to ensure you remain up to date.

  • Get together with your cluster group of settings to discuss any local implications for the revised EYFS.

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) – September 2012 and 2014

The EYFS continues to change and providers will need to review their policies and practices to ensure they are compliant when this revised statutory framework.

The presentations below have been delivered to local provider briefings. The presentations are not an exhaustive list of all the changes but they do highlight the key points. Providers are required to review the documents themselves and ensure that their own policies and practices take account of these new statutory duties.


Autumn Term 2014 New Provider Briefing EYFS  Download Adobe Reader to view this PDF 710kB

Useful Website Links

Revised Early Years Foundation Statutory Framework - September 2014

The revised framework has been published. It is mandatory for all early years providers.
Early Years Foundation Statutory Framework - September 2014

Development Matters Guidance - 2012

Early Education has also published 'Development Matters' guidance to support the implementation of the statutory EYFS framework.

Early Years Foundation Stage Profile Handbook - October 2014

The handbook supports practitioners in making accurate judgements of each child's attainment.                                                Early Years Foundation Stage Profile Handbook - October 2014

The EYFS Progress Check for 2 Year Olds

The EYFS Framework requires settings to complete a progress check; this is not required to be completed in a prescribed or standard format. It only specifies that information about a child’s development should be provided to parents in the prime areas of learning and development of the EYFS. This document provides some examples of how practitioners currently provide information to parents. It's aim is to stimulate ideas for how practitioners might approach the progress check.

Nutbrown Review, Interim Report - Review of Early Education and Childcare Qualifications

Birth To Three Matters

A booklet, poster and the cards from the Birth to Three Matters packs have been converted the into PDFs for practitioners to download. The packs contain useful information relevant to the reformed EYFS.

Healthy Early Years

'Establishing healthy behaviours' helps nurture a positive learning environment. See the Healthy Early Years Hampshire and Healthy Weights for toolkits and information.

Healthy Early Years Hampshire and Healthy Weights