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We are looking for work experience placements with local employers in Hampshire for young people aged 15 to 16 (Year 11 at school) to help them gain valuable skills and experience.

  • FREE service to employers.
  • Length of placement can be flexible.
  • Helps you to find potential future employees.
  • Experience employing a young person before committing.
  • Gives a young person vital employability skills.
  • Fully supported by Hampshire County Council, including defining roles and tasks, and health and safety checks.

Benefits to employers

As well as making a real difference to a young person’s life, there any many benefits that young people can bring to a business:

  • improving your skills and knowledge of young people coming into your industry
  • bringing new ideas and enthusiasm that young people can offer
  • raising your company profile – work experience placements create a positive image among students, parents and carers, schools and the local community
  • using the opportunity to look for recruits to your business.

The length of the placement can be flexible.


Benefits to young people

Undertaking work experience can help young people in a number of ways:

  • gaining first hand experience of the workplace.
  • helping them develop a range of transferable skills
  • allowing young people to explore possible careers options
  • demonstrating their ability to work as part of a team
  • helping students develop their communication skills
  • improving their CV

The support we offer

Our qualified and experienced careers advisers will ensure that thorough planning and preparation takes place so that employers feel prepared and confident about taking on a young person:

  • maintaining clear communications about the programme so everyone is fully informed, including employers, young people, and schools
  • preparing the young people before they start the placement to ensure their time in the workplace is a valuable experience, including for employers
  • working with employers to define roles and tasks
  • providing health & safety checks and completing all appropriate paperwork
  • visiting regularly to review young people’s progress within the workplace and address any concerns or suggestions both you and the young person may have
  • de-briefing and assessing the young people on completion of their placement
  • evaluating the programme with the employer at the end of placements

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