Support for Adopters

If you have adopted a child you may need help and support from the Hampshire’s Adoption Support Team. We offer access to ongoing training and workshops on a range of subjects.

Supporting Adoptive Parents

Due to the complex needs our adopted children are likely to have, it is possible that you as adoptive parents will need to access support. If you have any questions or are experiencing any difficulties please contact the Adoption Support Team at the earliest opportunity.

Our Adoption Support Team offers a range of services and below are some of the things that they can help with:

  • Help and advise on how to discuss adoption with your child
  • Help and advise on how to react to, and cope with your child’s feeling surrounding their adoption
  • Opportunities to meet up with other adoptive parents
  • Discussion and counselling on any aspects of adoption

Groups and Workshops

As well as offering one-to-one help and advice when you need it, Hampshire’s Adoption Support team holds groups and workshops for adopters. These cover a wide range of hot topics and common issues that adoptive families may face, as well as giving you a chance to share your experiences with professional advisers and other adoptive families.

Examples of events are:

  • Explaining adoption, complicated issues and life story
  • Attachment workshop
  • Education and educational transitions
  • Support groups
  • Educational psychologist consultations
  • Children’s groups and workshops

These services are open to adoptive parents who have adopted children from Hampshire (excluding Portsmouth, Southampton and Isle of Wight). Adoptive parents, resident in Hampshire, who did not adopt through the county but whose child’s adoption order is more than three years old are also entitled to use these services.

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