Caring for Children

Provided by the Children's Services Department

Personal Education Plan (PEP) - for Children in Care

The PEP is a vital document as it helps everyone gain a clear understanding about the teaching and learning provision necessary to meet the educational needs of a child who is in care .

In partnership with the lead person in the local authority (in some cases the social worker, in others it will be another appropriate professional) the designated teacher will be responsible for the development and implementation of the PEP and its review.

The Social Worker should pre-populate the PEP with basic information and details.

The Designated teacher should lead on the educational side of the PEP.

Please use this form to provide feedback on the PEP document Microsoft Word 70kb.

A suggested timeline for completeing the PEP process Microsoft Word 38kb. A useful document for Designated Teachers who have not organised a PEP before.

Producing an annual report to the Governors Microsoft Word 40kb is part of the statutory duty of a Designated Teacher. This is a suggested format for writing the report.

This is a suggested format for Designated Teachers, at schools without Looked After Children on roll, to produce an annual report to the Governors Microsoft Word 39kb.