Fostering in Hampshire

Provided by the Children's Services Department

Short Breaks caring

Be a part-time foster carer!

If you can't commit to being a full time carer, we still need your help!

Short Breaks caring helps children who do not need to be fostered full-time, as well as their families or main carers. Short breaks usually involve the carer looking after the child in their own home, so role can be seen as similar to that of a full time foster carer - its often the context in which you offer that care that is different.

The scheme is made up of several different routes which offer "part-time foster carers" the chance to offer different levels of time and commitment.  So, whether you are able to offer a regular weekend a month, the odd night here and there, set days or school holidays, we can use your skills, experience and enthusiasm for children and help make a difference to their future.

Family Link

Family Link carers are linked to families of children with complex needs - such as a disability or medical condition - to provide regular, planned care for a child.

Support Care

As a support carer you might be asked to look after a child for a short break to help relieve family stresses and tensions - a few nights away could make all the difference to help keep a family from breaking up.