Fostering in Hampshire

Provided by the Children's Services Department

Types of Fostering

Every child who needs a foster family is different, and so are the foster parents and carers who look after them.

The majority of fostering is a full time commitment, but there are other options which are more flexible and foster carers can choose to:  

  • make a short term or long term commitment (Types of fostering)
  • offer regular support children with disabilities (Family Link Download Acrobat Reader to view this PDF 2mb),
  • make a part time fostering commitment to support children and their families (Support Care).

We also need foster carers who are able to support parents and young children together - this could be mum or dad with a new baby or young child, as well as those who can support teenagers to develop their independence.  We also need foster carers who can help children in an emergency.

The type of fostering you offer could change over time as you develop your skills, or need to be flexible to your own family or other commitments. Why not consider where you could start and what you could offer now, with a view to developing your skills and career in fostering over time?

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Information stands

  • Visit us at one of our information stands to answer your questions and tell you all about Fostering with Hampshire.