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How to add a service to the Hampshire Family Information Directory (FID)

The Hampshire Family Information Directory collects information from a variety of sources. To submit information about your service, activity or facility, please follow the appropriate link below.

  • Voluntary and community organisations (including charities, clubs and support groups)

Please add details of your service, activity or facility to the e.VOLve directory, e.VOLve is the Hampshire website for community and voluntary sector organisations. In future we hope to automatically include information for families and young people from e.VOLve in the Hampshire Family Information Directory. Until there is an automated process in place please use our online form to be included in the FID.

  • Ofsted registered childcare providers

Details of Ofsted registered childcare providers are submitted to the Directory from Ofsted. If you cannot find your details in the Directory, or would like to discuss your entry, please contact Services for Young Children on 01962 847070 or email childcare@hants.gov.uk.

  • Hampshire County Council services

To include your service, please complete the online form.

  • All other organisations

All other organisations, including Children’s Trust partners, partners of the County Council, services provided by district or borough councils, commercial services or private organisations, please complete the online form. Only services that are suitable for families, children or young people will be considered and inclusion will be at the discretion of Hampshire County Council.

NB. All services must be: legal; safe; and suitable for children, young people and/or families. Please read the disclaimer page.

Further information

If you would like more information, please contact us.