Hampshire Youth Offending Team

Volunteering for the YOT

Hampshire Youth Offending provides support for both the victims of crime and for the young people who have offended. Our aim is to give victims of crime a voice, enable harm to be repaired and to prevent the young person from offending again. We do this by facilitating restorative processes, work that would not be able to take place without the support and dedication of our excellent team of volunteers.

If you are looking to volunteer and have an interest in working with young people who have offended (some of whom can be challenging at times) and victims with an aim of preventing re-offending and repairing the harm cause by crime, then we may have an appropriate role for you.

Volunteering roles

Hampshire YOT volunteering roles will suit you if you are:

  • Over the age of 18
  • Able to be flexible
  • Non-judgmental in your approach
  • A competent communicator
  • Empathetic

We have two stages of volunteering.

Stage 1

As a YOT volunteer you would initially be responsible for supporting the young people complete their reparation that they are completing to make amends for the harm that their offending may have caused to their victim and/or the wider community. Your role would include:

  • Working alongside the young people, helping to motivate them.
  • Setting an example for the young people to follow.
  • Providing supervision whilst being aware of health and safety

This task often involves lone working with the young people but can take place as part of a larger group. The sessions are very varied in tasks so we do have activities to suit all abilities.

Stage 2

Once you have volunteered with young people completing reparation, the next progression step would be to take on the role of Community Panel Member. The role of Panel Member is to:

  • Impartially facilitate Referral Order Panel Meetings.
  • Give both the victim (and their representative) and the young person time to explain what happened, who has been affected and how it affected them.
  • Allow parents and supporters of either party to also have the opportunity to speak.

Community Panel Members will talk and listen to everyone at the meeting and agree a plan of action (referral order contract) which is designed to repair the harm and to prevent future offending.

This role is for people who understand and have already worked with young people with complex needs, who want to make a difference and can represent their local community.

For more information please contact our Volunteer Co-ordinator:
Catherine Ball