Special Educational Needs

What is the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice?

The Special Educational Needs (SEN) Code of Practice that was issued in 2001 by the Department for Education gives guidance to early education settings, state schools, local authorities and anybody else who helps to identify, assess and provide help for children with special educational needs. It sets out the processes and procedures that all these organisations must or should follow to meet the needs of children. The code describes how help for children with special educational needs in schools and early education settings should be made through a step-by-step or ‘graduated approach’.

Different schools will take account of the Code of Practice in different ways. However, if your child has SEN the school should consult you at each step. The school will also consider your child’s own views. Schools should inform parents about their child’s progress. You have a right to see the school’s SEN policy and to receive a copy of the school’s annual report which will include a report on that policy.

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