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Caring for our collections

Museum collections include a great variety of materials, many of which are vulnerable to damage and deterioration. Museums need to apply high standards of care to their collections, often more attention is needed for objects than when they were first made and used. As objects age so they become less robust and more vulnerable to damage. The object itself can be a major and irreversible factor in it’s survival especially for man-made materials.

Hampshire’s collections are housed at Chilcomb House in Winchester where they are looked after by a team of conservators. Their aim is to prevent the deterioration of the collections by making sure that the storage and display will not cause any strain or damage to them. All the conservation staff have special training to equip them to deal with the collections effectively.

These specialisms include the conservation of archaeology, ceramics, clocks, fine metalwork, furniture, modern materials, natural science, social and industrial history and textiles.

The team of conservators have wide experience and training to know how to look after these varied materials and can offer advice to members of the public on how to care for their own similar treasures.



Researchers and specialist groups can look at the collections in store at Chilcomb House by prior appointment.