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  • Aldershot Urban Extension Primary School (West)

    • Meeting date: 25 May 2016  (Item Reference: 3703)
    • Item summary:

      To consider a report of the Director of Culture, Communities and Business Services seeking approval to the construction of a new two form entry primary school for the Aldershot Urban Extension (West).

  • Hampshire Alcohol Intervention Teams (Specialist Alcohol Nurse Services)

    • Meeting date: 30 March 2016  (Item Reference: 7283)
    • Item summary:

      To seek Single Tender Approval (STA) for the alcohol intervention teams (Specialist Alcohol Nurse Services) in acute Trusts.

  • Delivering Older Persons Extra-Care in Hampshire County Council

    • Meeting date: 22 March 2016  (Item Reference: 7287)
    • Item summary:

      Hampshire County Council currently commission services to deliver 24/7 care into eighteen Extra-Care schemes, both within newly built developments and within former sheltered housing schemes.  This report aims to set out the current context and planned future direction for these services and seeks authority to spend and enter into contract for newly tendered services.

  • De-registration for Learning Disability Residential Care Homes

    • Meeting date: 22 March 2016  (Item Reference: 7289)
    • Item summary:

      Approval is sought for a contract for Community Integrated Care for a period of up to 3 years under a Single Tender Approval to support the process of de-registration of care homes.

  • Review of Non-Statutory Home to School Transport Services

    • Meeting date: 21 March 2016  (Item Reference: 7291)
    • Item summary:

      Detailing the results of the information gathering from schools and parents as part of the review of "school special" subsidised bus services that convey non-entitled pupils to schools, and seeking approval of recommendations based on the outcome of the review.